About Us

The New Bridge Academy opened in September 2015 following the amalgamation of two SEMH secondary schools in Sunderland. Following the amalgamation, the academy underwent a further merger bringing all year groups together on one site. The two previous sites, one in Springwell and one in Hylton Castle, have been replaced and the whole student and staff population has moved in to the Hylton Castle site.

The New Bridge Academy caters for the needs of 125 students between the ages of eleven and sixteen who experience emotional, social and behavioural difficulties. Additionally, the academy is able to offer a small number of part time intervention placements.

As of December 2019 The New Bridge Academy will be part of the Trinity Academy Newcastle Trust. Trinity Academy Newcastle Trust is multi Academy Trust the is dedicated to striving for excellence in everything that they do. In doing this, they are aware of the lives that they change on a daily basis. Trinity Academy Newcastle Trust maintains a kind, honest and calm environment.

Our holistic person centred approach creates a nurturing environment with a positive ethos and climate in which we celebrate achievement and reward positive behaviour choices.

The New Bridge Academy’s greatest asset is our dedicated, highly trained staff who are committed to supporting our students to achieve their potential.

Our staff

  • build strong relationships with students
  • care about our students
  • encourage students to be the best they can
  • are persistent, consistent and genuine

Our students feel

  • they belong
  • are listened to
  • valued
  • safe
  • secure
  • important and empowered

We want to develop students who are confident, regain their self-esteem, develop emotional maturity and stability, develop positive interpersonal skills and learn to manage themselves in an appropriate manner. We expect and support students to take part in school life, access the curriculum and achieve.

At The New Bridge Academy we believe that working in partnership with parents and carers is essential in enabling our students to achieve the best possible outcomes.  All our students are allocated personal tutors whose job is to be their advocate and the key person to link with parents and carers and any other professionals that the student may be involved with. Our tutors regularly visit parents and carers, in their homes, to update them on their child’s progress, formulate shared plans, and support them and their family in any way they can.